Sunday, July 11, 2010

Harajuku Lovers in Love

I just got my first Harajuku Lovers perfume in Love the other day. I was so excited to receive it. The box is so cute. The doll's face is so adorable. Most importantly, the perfume scent is my new favorite fragrance this summer. I'm so in love with the floral scent. It smells young and fresh that stays on the whole day. I really want to get into collecting each dolls. Sephora is having an awesome deal going on right now on their website. Each doll regularly cost between $30 to $45 bucks and now on sale between $15 bucks for the limited edition and $22 bucks for the original dolls. To top it off, I also received a cute baby blue alarm clock giveaway when you purchase one of the original dolls. How can I pass it up?

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