Sunday, July 11, 2010

Coastal Scents Brow Palette


I'm always looking around for a really good eyebrow palette to fill in my sparse eyebrows. I have to admit, I over plucked 'em during my teen years. Why did I pluck my brows on my own and not have it professinally done? Well, I was really scared of waxing my brows when I was younger. That's why! But now in retrospect, it was a lesson learned. So I'm always in a hunt to look for the best eyebrow palette and so far I really like the Anastasias, although I don't own it yet, I am thinking of buying it in the future. Instead, I bought the Coastal Scents Brow Palette. So here are my thoughts on it.

First of all, I love this brow palette! It has four different tones of browns starting from light brown, auburn, dark brown and black. I really like that it comes in four different colors on one palette. Each color can also be applied on as an eyeshadow. This brow kit comes with a brush applicator to fill in the brows on one end and on the other end, it has a small sponge applicator to apply the color as an eyeshadow. I would definitely recommend this brow kit to anyone.

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