Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm so close to buying this one. It's like this eye shadow palette is calling for my name lol.


  1. keep updating your blog girl! i'm luvin it!

    i've tried some tart products and they are okay... this palette looks nice and neutral but i suggest if you haven't gotten the Urban Decay Naked palette.... you might wanna try that! i love mine! they are kinda hard to get your hands on thou cuz they are always sold out! oh and i heard the Neutral palette from too faced is a good dupe for the naked palette!

    We need to go Sephora or CCO shopping next time! :)

  2. any good suggestions for spring nail polish colors? i like OPI and chain glaze. what's you fav brand? oh u got to try the shatter polish if you haven't! :D