Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 2012

Happy New Year All!

Back to blogging now about my love for makeups and everything that has to do with beauty. I haven't logged on to this website up until now. It was a busy time for me after spring of 2011 and finally now I have the time to commit and share my thoughts about my love for makeups and more. So if you're interested in reading my blogs or if you just happen to stumble on here, welcome to my beauty blog!

Updates: My new website name is

If you're wondering why my beauty blog name is no longer islandgirl,'s because the name iwritebeauty defines who I am to my audience. I enjoy writing about beauty and expressing my thoughts with no limits about the beauty world from makeups to fashion. Hence, the name "I write." So if you're interested in reading, add my blog to your list and if you're not, keep moving please. Thanks for stopping by and happy 2012.

Check out new makeup pics coming soon.

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