Friday, July 30, 2010


I went to my local CCO earlier this month to see what they have in their MAC collections. I found a couple of powders and a blush I really like. So I bought a mineralize skin finish in porcelain pink, a highliter face kit from the hocus focus collection and a blush creme in pleasureful. They are all so cute! My favorite one is the hocus focus highliter kit which comes in two beauty powders in sunsparked pearl(light beige) and pretty baby (light baby pink). The third powder it has is the sheertone shimmer blush in peachykeen (sheertone rose pink). All colors gives a nice subtle highlight with a tint of sparkles on the face.

So lets starts with the hocus focus highlighter kit. I love the design of this kit. It looks like a mini palette that is so stylish and hip. The colors are so gorgeous. The only thing is I wish this kit came with a mini brush like my other palette special edition.

The second item I bought is the mineralize skin finish in porcelain pink which looks like a light golden peachy pink. This is actually my second MSF and the very first one I bought was the natural MSF in medium plus. I really like these MSF as a setting powder or a highliter on my face. The one in natural works well in setting my foundation.

The last item I got is my very first blush creme. I think that's the main reason why I decided to go to my local CCO in the first place to check out if they carry any blush cremes and they do sell some. But the only thing that I don't like about it is that they only carry one kind. So the one they had that day was in pleasureful which looks very dark in the pan but once it is applied on the cheeks it looks like a peachy medium brownish rose. I was excited to use this blush creme and I must say...I really luv it ^_^ It's very pretty! But I still think CCO needs to have more selections of colors in their blush cremes. Sheeesh!


  1. i like the highlighter kit too! so pretty =)) i saw that in the last mac sale but they were sold out so boo i didnt get it =( i wish there was a CCO in canada! no fair US gets everything =P

  2. Well I heard that in Canada, MAC stores has a warehouse sale going on every year. Wish we have that here in the US!